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Promotional Billboard of Actress Jennifer Aniston shows off her taut, lean abs in a sexy new ad for SmartWater vitamin water..The copy reads: Working out feels great...afterwards. That's why I drink Smart. It's hydration I can feel. (And it's one part of my routine I never sweat.)  HER NOSE?  While most magazine ads are photoshopped, Aniston's nose in the latest SmartWater ad looks different from her own: the bridge looks thinner and the nostrils look like a snout rounder than usual..[Editor's note: Jen's real nose is more attractive than the photoshopped version, so what gives??].Aniston, who has been a SmartWater rep since 2007, has already had two nose jobs: One in 1995 when she started out in her career, and another in 2007.Times Square, New York City.  August 7, 2010.© Walter McBride / ..